How to Win the Powerball – 5 Steps to Win the Powerball Today!

Are you aware that playing your personal numbers to win the Power ball is equivalent to throwing money in the trash? Did you also know that you could utilize that strategy for 20 years and never win anything?

If I offended you, than I am sorry but I rather risk your anger with me then continue to have you rely on that worthless strategy.

I know what I just stated sounds harsh, but I want you to win the Power ball and if you are still reading this article I believe that is what you want as well. So let me prove my sincerity to you and dive right in with the 5 steps to win the Power ball right now.

Step Number 1

Throw out your lucky number sheet and actually compile a list of the most frequently picked numbers of your states Power ball. It is important that you only use the numbers from your particular state. Power ball numbers from a different state will disrupt the strategy I am sharing with you.

Step Number 2

After compiling the numbers begin to separate them into three categories. The categories should be low middle and high. Once completed type the compiled numbers into an excel spread sheet or jot them down neatly in a spiral notebook if you prefer.

At minimum your list should be compiled of at least one month’s worth of data preferably two.

Step Number 3

Create your master list from the data you derived in step number 2 be sure your list consists of low numbers such as 2, 4, 6, and 8. Your list should also contain

mid-range numbers such as 10,14, 16, 22 and finally high numbers such as 32, 40 and 29. The numbers presented here are just examples and should not be used as your particular winning combination unless they represent numbers from your master list.

Step Number 4

Now is the moment you begin to play the numbers outlined in step 4. There is one point to remember here even the best numbers need insurance. The insurance I am referring to here is an easy pick computer generated number.

Every you time you play a set of numbers from your master list you will also need to request an easy pick choice to play as well.

Step Number 5:

It is imperative that your master list reflects numbers chosen from a proven system. This is the most important step out of the 5.