Sharpen Your Poker Game With Brainwave Entrainment Music

Years ago, I played in a Friday night all girls poker game. Naturally, the radio played non-stop Top 40 tunes. And, all of my opponents talked in their obvious ‘a guy is around’ girl talk. It was absolutely the most fun I have ever had playing poker. Except for one problem, I never won. I guess that is why they kept inviting me back. I really was trying to win. Really. But, what guy can think about poker while surrounded by all of those distractions?

Whether we are at home or in the casino, the poker scene is usually the same. One distraction after another. In fact, most of our lives are spent in a state of distraction. I am distracted right now. Let’s see: I am writing this article, worrying about my email backlog, thinking about bills to pay and errands to run, there is some loud noise outside, and I am munching on a snack while the coffee is brewing. My mind is literally awhirl with all sorts of unrelated thoughts competing for center stage.

In this age of multitasking, one might think that they are being more productive when they tackle several tasks at once. But more than likely, they are not. Even today, the human brain is still only capable of thinking about one thing at a time. Should I repeat? Your mind can focus on only one thing at a time. If your thinking is scattered, then you are ultimately less productive.

When we are in our usual wide awake, active mental state, known as Beta, we are typically in a state of continuous distraction. This is also, usually, the state of mind we are in when we play poker. See the problem?

The cocktail waitress, the TV, the dog, the loudmouth – they really are not conducive to achieving peak mental poker performance. After all, poker is a mental sport. So, how can we possibly maintain the level of focus required for peak mental performance with all of those distractions bombarding us?

If you were tied for first place in the last leg of a marathon, none of those kinds of distractive thoughts would be allowed to enter your mind. If they did, you would not be tied for first for long. Why then, do we allow distractions to enter our minds at the poker table? Perhaps, there is a real simple answer – we do not know how to block them out. There are many methods for blocking distraction in order to achieve focused concentration. This article is about one called brainwave entrainment music.

Ideally, If we could induce the right amount or mix of Alpha (intuitive), or Theta (relaxed) brainwaves while we play poker, then we could block the distractions. Because, these are the brainwave states of higher concentration. We all know the importance of playing while relaxed, playing intuitively, and maintaining focus. Don’t we wish we could summon and maintain this state of mind every time we play poker?

Some music, especially that with lyrics, can be terribly distracting. While, some music can actually induce concentration. The right music can do wonders for your poker game. If you are unfamiliar with the role that music can play in concentration, then hang on. This could be as big an eye opener for you as it was for me.

Everyone is unique, so I am not going to attempt to lay down a preferred, standard music list. And, even though this is a discussion about what works for me, we all appreciate that everyones’ brains are each wired differently. So, what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. But, this information will give you something new to think about.

The most successful forms of music for me are a few Classical, and a few New Age selections. They remarkably improve my concentration while playing poker. I have loaded the respective CD’s unto my MP3, and play them continuously during a game, online or offline. Several of the New Age selections are designed by their composers to induce certain mental states, such as increased creativity, or relaxation, or focused concentration. The process of inducing these mental states is known as brainwave entrainment.

The best brainwave entrainment effect is obtained by listening with a headset. Distractions will tend to fade away, ushering in a much desired state of focused concentration. Load your MP3 and you can use this type of music while playing live or on-line. For an effective mental prep, I will even listen while driving to a game. Then, when I arrive at the game, my poker mind is ready for ignition.

Awhile back, I played a lot of limit hold’em in a casino. My standards for play and bankroll management were rigid. This required a great deal of concentration, especially with some sessions lasting ten hours and longer. Distractions simply could not be permitted, but it was near impossible to maintain the level of focus that was needed.

Then, I discovered brainwave entrainment music. My MP3 was loaded and played my favorite selections continuously, hour after hour. I quickly learned to carry lots of extra batteries in my pocket. In the months to follow, the dealers came to know me well. They began to call me the player who never lost.

The effect of brainwave entrainment music on my concentration is simply amazing. There is no other technique that I can employ, while actually playing, that helps as well to achieve and maintain my ‘A’ game. I am certain that you will have the same experience.

Micon Secrets 2 Review – Is It Another Junk Poker Guide?

Are you a poker playing who is trying to make money from playing it? I know I am and have been trying for almost 2 years now. After reading most poker strategy guides on the internet, I was still a lousy poker player. To make any dollars from playing poker was impossible for me, no matter closely I followed the guides that I had been following. And then I finally realized why. Most poker guides and strategies you’ll find on the internet are outdated and non-working, written years ago by players who are not even credible. All these wrong advice were losing my money, and I was about to give up on the idea of making money from poker. Luckily I did not, as I found Micon Secrets 2. My poker game has totally changed after that, and I want to tell you what you can find in this amazing Micon Secrets 2 package, along with my personal experience after using it.

Firstly, the Micon Secrets 2 package is like no other poker strategy guide you have seen elsewhere. It is packed full of information written with 19 years of professional poker experience. It took me quite a while to digest the information in Micon Secrets 2, but it was all worth it. After all, it is a relatively easy to understand poker guide, yet very powerful.

I found the bankroll management section very helpful for me. Micon Secrets 2 has helped me grow my bankroll steadily in the past 2 months and is showing no signs of stopping. Finally I knew what correct limits I should be played based on my results, and learnt to stop busting my bankroll, something which I was very guilty of before.

You really need to understand section 2 of the Micon Secrets if you plan to make any money from poker. After using the Micon Secrets 2 for 2 months, I’m convinced that you have to understand and master cash games. Learn to do it step-by-step from Micon Secrets 2, and play every position perfectly to have the best chance of winning. There are also very interesting strategies that I have never read about anywhere else. Hybrid styling is a great strategy to secretly keep your opponents off guard.

Section 3 of Micon Secrets 2 is the SitNGo domination section. The objective of this section is to teach you to use Sit N Go tournaments to build your bankroll easily and steadily. I learnt how to observe other players to determine their skill quickly, and take advantage of unskilled players. I finally understood the difference between pushing from the big blind and small blind, and when exactly to do each. Micon Secrets 2 is the most complete Sit N Go guide that I have read over the past 2 years. It covers all the technical and mental aspects of the game, and is very well written. You do need to manage your expectations to make money from poker. The Micon Secrets 2 guide will not make you rich overnight, and you do need to implement the techniques repeatedly to make money.

Finally in Section 4, you get over 4 hours of video and audio! In this section, you will learnt how to handle every situation you encounter. You’ll also get to see Bryan Micon’s games and how he won big money playing poker.

To master the Micon Secrets, you do need to fully understand the guide. If you want to buy the Micon Secrets 2, I would suggest you go through the guide multiple times first. Luckily, there is great audio for you to listen to over and over again. Listening to the audio in the Micon Secrets 2 is just a great experience, and was a breakthrough for my poker skill. I’ve been able to win more Sit N Gos and make more final tables after using the strategies in Micon Secrets 2. It has won me more cash than I had ever made from poker, and is a result of listening to a proven successful player. Listening to Bryan Micon is just different from listening to the average poker advice you get from other guides.

Priced at just $97, Micon Secrets 2 is great value for money. If you are serious about boosting your bankroll and make more cash from poker, you should consider giving Micon Secrets 2 a try.

The Legend of Nick The Greek

Of all the gamblers who have ever lived, none was more well known than Nicholas Andreas Dandolos, aka; Nick The Greek. The year was 1946. Benjamin “Bugsy” Seigal had just opened the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and things were about to change forever. For the next 20 years the mob maintained a steel grip on legalized gambling in Nevada.

It was during this time that “The Greeks” legend had begun to take hold. Although he was well known and liked in the hay days of Damon Runyon’s 1920’s and 30’s, it was his Vegas adventures that solidified the mystique surrounding the man.

There are so many stories attributed to the Greek that it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. The only reliable accounts I have were told to me by my father who had spent as much time in Vegas as the guys that empty out the slot machines.

As a young man in his very early 20’s, Nick was engaged to be married and the day before the wedding, his fiance ran off with another guy. Heartbroken, some friends took him to the racetrack to get his mind off it.

As the story goes, without rhyme or reason, Nick proceeded to randomly pick 8 consecutive winners parlaying his bankroll into nearly $20,000. From that point on the stage was set and our hero never looked back. Some people believe in destiny, some don’t. In this situation it’s hard to call it anything else.

At the craps tables he was a confirmed “don’t pass” bettor always laying full odds against the point. He was a bold gambler with an uncanny understanding of the mathematical percentages of any gambling proposition. He had very sound judgment and an innate instinct for finding an edge.

As with most seasoned gamblers, the methods they use to increase their wagers when on a winning streak was for the most part intuitive. When you’ve been around gambling for that long a time a lot of it becomes second nature.

The “Greek” was also know for using a system of plateaus, as he called it. This was a method of locking up a portion of his winnings to insure he wouldn’t play it all back once he had a winning session.

Using an example; Starting with $1,000, you hit a winning streak. You gradually build the stake up to $1,500. He would then lock up $500 (50% of his starting stake) and continue to play with the rest. If he won another $500 he would lock that up and be playing with the winnings only.

This is a very intelligent money management system that protects your capital and allows the player to try build to another plateau using his profits. Each time he reached another $500 level he would lock it up and refuse to play it back regardless of any adverse run of luck.

Nick The Greek seemed to have an inspired knack for any type of gambling. He was a believer in luck and recognized that all luck, good and bad, ran in cycles. He knew the best way to take advantage of those cycles was to bet heavily when it was working in your favor and to reduce his bets to a minimum when it went against him. This procedure would guarantee that his winning wagers would all be significantly larger than his losing ones.

One night at a dinner party, Nick went upstairs to a high stakes poker game. About two hours later he emerged from the game having lost $250,000. He went onto the dance floor laughing and joking and having a great time. A friend came over and asked him how it was he could be dancing and in such good spirits having just lost a quarter of million dollars. With a big smile on his face he looked at his friend and said, “your life doesn’t go with it.”

Maybe the reason Nick the Greek’s legend is so enduring is because he was clearly, a very classy guy. He was also known for saying, “the only difference between a winner and a loser… is character.” For our purposes, we’ll call it self-discipline.

It was said that The Greek won and lost about $400 million dollars in his lifetime, close to a billion dollars in today’s money. Nick died broke in 1966 but I never got the sense having a lot of money meant all that much to him anyway. It was just a way of keeping score.

How to Win the Powerball – 5 Steps to Win the Powerball Today!

Are you aware that playing your personal numbers to win the Power ball is equivalent to throwing money in the trash? Did you also know that you could utilize that strategy for 20 years and never win anything?

If I offended you, than I am sorry but I rather risk your anger with me then continue to have you rely on that worthless strategy.

I know what I just stated sounds harsh, but I want you to win the Power ball and if you are still reading this article I believe that is what you want as well. So let me prove my sincerity to you and dive right in with the 5 steps to win the Power ball right now.

Step Number 1

Throw out your lucky number sheet and actually compile a list of the most frequently picked numbers of your states Power ball. It is important that you only use the numbers from your particular state. Power ball numbers from a different state will disrupt the strategy I am sharing with you.

Step Number 2

After compiling the numbers begin to separate them into three categories. The categories should be low middle and high. Once completed type the compiled numbers into an excel spread sheet or jot them down neatly in a spiral notebook if you prefer.

At minimum your list should be compiled of at least one month’s worth of data preferably two.

Step Number 3

Create your master list from the data you derived in step number 2 be sure your list consists of low numbers such as 2, 4, 6, and 8. Your list should also contain

mid-range numbers such as 10,14, 16, 22 and finally high numbers such as 32, 40 and 29. The numbers presented here are just examples and should not be used as your particular winning combination unless they represent numbers from your master list.

Step Number 4

Now is the moment you begin to play the numbers outlined in step 4. There is one point to remember here even the best numbers need insurance. The insurance I am referring to here is an easy pick computer generated number.

Every you time you play a set of numbers from your master list you will also need to request an easy pick choice to play as well.

Step Number 5:

It is imperative that your master list reflects numbers chosen from a proven system. This is the most important step out of the 5.