Show Me Cash – Ready to Become a Winner Today?

Though there are a number of lottery games available, there are still a few more new ones coming in. Among those with growing popularity is the Show Me Cash, which is also a form of lottery numbers game. Just who would not be inclined to engage in such small stakes game as low as a dollar? One can already join in the game and have the chance to get to win as much as the entire jackpot prize which could be the way to a better financial standing.

It is easy to play Show Me Cash. One must simply locate one of the lottery retailers and ask for the game’s play slip or selection card. Each rectangular card has 5 panels which one can play in. Once the play slip is at hand, the first thing one should do is to think of a five number combination which they can choose from the numbers one through thirty-nine. They can opt to choose each number personally based on how they feel about how lucky the number will be for them. However, should they feel that they can not decide on their combination, they can opt to use the quick pick option or feature and the computer terminal will then randomly generate the numbers for the individual.

There is also another feature for the Show Me Cash lottery number game; one can decide to play the same combination they came up with for up to 15 consecutive draws with the same ticket. This feature is called the multiple or multi draw option where one can have their future game combination entry in advance. Once all the information on the card has been duly filled out, one must then hand over the slip to the retailer’s representative to be able to generate a game ticket after duly paying the $1 fee per set game.

As soon as the ticket has been given to the individual, it is then their sole responsibility to immediately inspect the game ticket and check for any errors or misprints to be able to ensure that they have been provided and accurate game ticket. If everything seems to be in order, the individual should then sign the back of the ticket to ensure its security from falling to another’s hands. One can go home afterwards and just wait for the results on the draw; draws are done each day from Mondays through Sundays.

The Show Me Cash jackpot is set at a standard to be $50,000.00, however if the pot has not been won, the jackpot prize will be increased by at least $5,00.00 until such a time that one has been able to get the winning combination. Although, there are more ways than one for an individual to win in this game; though there are 5 digits in a combination, should one get 2 out of 5 numbers to match those drawn, one will win $2. For those who get 3 out of 5 digits to match, they will get ten dollars and for those who are able to get a 4 out of the 5 digit combination match, they will win $250.